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lovelybones_09's Journal

The Lovely Bones 2009 film community
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Welcome to The Lovely Bones 2009 film community! This community is dedicated to a bestseller book The Lovely Bones by Alice Sebold which will be a film coming December 11th, 2009. So join us to talk about the book & the movie, bring pictures, bring icons/graphics!

Not many rules here, just the general rules you'd find in any other community.

- This movie has not yet been played in theater, and so some of us do not like spoilers, pictures of things that are going to happen in the film, or things that are happening in the book. So if you are posting anything you might consider spoiling, please put it under a cut.

- Be respectful of the other members, I would really hate for this community to start bashing for opinions or any of that.

- Do not bash the characters, actors or the film or book. You can express that you don't like a character/actor, and say why but don't directly insult just to be rude.

- You are free to promote ONLY if it has to do with any of the actors or the film or book.

- Try not to go off topic.

Susie Salmon will be played by Saoirse Ronan
Jack Salmon will be played by Mark Wahlberg
Abigail Salmon will be played by Rachel Weisz
Grandma Lynn will be played by Susan Sarandon
George Harvey will be played by Stanley Tucci
Lindsey Salmon will be played by Rose McIver
Ray Singh will be played by Reece Ritchie
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